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Type words in the search box to retrieve related information graphics. For Boolean searches, please refer to the relevant MySQL help page (example: "+subway -London" is entered to show all images described with the word "subway" but not with "London").
NOTE: We are just beginning -- The next user interface will include the capability to search for images by graphical composition in addition to content.

Arno Klein (arno[at] is building this searchable database of information graphics from visitor submissions and numerous repositories on the internet. He initially built the site as a purely academic endeavor (all sources are cited) as part of a research program to classify these and other information graphics according to a taxonomy he is developing. is accepting submissions with the goal of establishing the most comprehensive, manually annotated (and taxonomically classified) information graphics database in the world. We anticipate that it will be a valuable resource for research and for education at all levels, and that it will also be of general interest to a wide audience on the internet. In particular, the images will be important for procuring stimuli for various perceptual and cognitive psychology experiments, and will serve as a rich resource for teaching about the history and scope of visualization methods and design within and across disciplines.

Primary sources
The present database includes images from many sources, including (ordered by quantity):